How to make a battery last longer

Optimize the life you get from your battery and listen to these tips about how to properly care for the battery in your rechargable device.

So you just got a brand new camcorder with a fresh battery. Odds are that in a few years you'll need a replacement battery. But you can extend that period of time with a few tips for taking care of your new camcorder battery.

1. Take your device off the charger when it's done charging. Do not leave any device on a charger for too long. Many devices have an automatic charge shut-off, however if your device is left to sit on a charger the camcorder battery could still discharge, then re-charge, and do it over and over again.

2. Try to leave your device on the charger until it is fully charged. Depending on the type of battery you have, taking a camcorder off the charger before it is fully charged could inhibit the ability to recharge fully in the future. This is especially true if you only charge it for short periods of time.

3. Get a backup camcorder battery. The best way to always have a charged battery ready for you is to have two of them. When you've got one on your device, the other can be on the charger. Then you can run down your current battery and replace it with a fresh battery when it's out of juice. This cyclical process almost guarantess that you'll be able to follow recommndations #1 and #2 from above.

4. When in doubt, check the instructions. Look at the manual for your device and check recommendations for your device's battery life. If you just got your camcorder and the battery is NOT lasting as long as the manual says it should, then you need to take back the device and get a new one, with a new battery. The problem could be the battery, but it could also be the device. So you might as well cover all your bases and get a new one of each.